Arnaz Battle: as melhores mãos da NFL!

Pelo menos é o que diz o KC Joyner, também chamado de Football Scientist:

Nick (Cincy): KC, what have you found after researching the number of dropped balls by WRs around the league? What player seems to have the best hands in the NFL? Is TJ Houshmandzadeh near the top?

SportsNation KC Joyner: (4:18 PM ET ) Nick, Housh surprisingly wasn't anywhere near the #1 spot last year. In fact, he was 6.7 percentage points away from it. The surprising #1 receiver in that category? Arnaz Battle.

Quem quiser confeir o chat inteiro é só ir aqui: http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/chatESPN?event_id=16350 .

Ah, ele também coloca Nate Clements entre os top 5 CBs:

Dan - Tulsa: Another angle - will you rank your top 5 CB's?

KC Joyner: (4:45 PM ET ) I didn't have Asomugha as an overrated or underrated cornerback because he's been getting so much play as a Pro Bowl snub. My top five CBs would be: Champ as #1 and the next four in no particular order: Asomugha, Woodson, Clements, Pacman (based on the 2006 numbers and forgetting about his off-field stuff) and Nathan Vasher.

3 comentários:

Bruno disse...

Com Darrel Jackson, Vernon Davis e Frank Gore dividindo as atenções das defesas adversárias, Battle pode ter uma temporada excelente.

Gabriel Mury disse...

Eu também gosto muito do Battle. Ano passado fez recepções muito importantes, para fechar jogos, como contra o Lions.

Anônimo disse...

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